The big Weblogic pain in the ass

I’ve been set a task at work which involves getting a fuck load of out of date applications to run side by side the newer versions.

Today I decided to start with installing Weblogic 6.1, you can find out a little more about Weblogic here. As Weblogic 11g is on my machine already I didn’t know how this was going to work. It turns out that multiple versions of Weblogic can be installed on a single machine. This is because each version installs into seperate directory structures.

I had a right pain in the ass installing 6.1 though. It would say it installed correctly, however there were no start menu shortcuts, not all the files were installed (I knew this as there was an old machine with it installed on near me) and when I tried to apply the Service Pack 7 to Weblogic it would throw up some errors saying it was not installed.

I eventually stumbled across some documentation from Oracle which after trawling through it all, reading the details on installation. It informed that when installing on Windows XP you must run it in compatibility mode for Windows 2000. I was pretty shocked at this, but gave it a go and all installed fine.

I wondered whether there would be conflicts between the separate versions when attempting to launch the console via web browser, but I realised that the user has to start up the server for each version. So as long as two different servers from different versions are running at the same time, there should be no conflicts.

So all in all today has been successfull, I also found out a not so fun fact. If you leave the install wizard open for 6.1 for more than 10 minutes just idling, you get a Crtical System Error and Windows shuts down. Awesome.